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The North American Piedmontese Cattle Association (NAPA)

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Established by the breeders themselves, NAPA is dedicated to expanding and developing the future of this truly unique beef breed. We are at your service.

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The Piedmontese Association - ....-... The Piedmontese Breed:

The Piedmontese Beef Cattle Breed is the "Myostatin Breed"...defined as "Cattle from traceable Piedmontese heritage which possess a minimum of one-copy of the Piedmontese-specific Myostatin allele mutation." NAPA registered Fullblood & registered Naturalean Piedmontese are all homozygous (2-copy) for this gene that increases yield & improves tenderness.

Evolved in the Alps Mountains of north-west Italy - the area known as the Piemonte, which means "foot of the mountain" - the Piedmontese breed is a natural for the production of lean tender beef... It's all genetics !

Since their introduction to North America, many visionary breeders have helped to establish these cattle and the Association responsible for record-keeping and issuance of Registration Certificates - NAPA - the North American Piedmontese Association. The first breed registry to make a gene (the C313Y Myostatin mutation) a mandatory registry requirement.

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