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Silva Piedmontese

Your California Connection for quality breeding & feeding stock.

Specializing in Black Polled 2-Copy Naturalean™ and Fullblood Piedmontese.

Phone 530-547-3050

Email ksm@shasta.com


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Home of multiple National Champion Fullblood Bull RANGER

Fullblood Piedmontese Bulls, 
Heifers, Embryos & Semen
plus Percentage Cattle 
Available For Sale

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Shima Farms
Rose & Dave Stewart
Winchester, Ontario
Ph: 613-448-3454

Home of 2009 Canadian National Champion 
Female, National Champion & Res. Nat'l
Champion Bulls.

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Olmsted Cattle Company located in Charlotte, Michigan

Craig Olmsted

"Home of Miss EMBER"

Cell # 517-331-1454

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Mountain Range Piedmontese with a difference...

Alex Wright

150 Lisa Drive

Chaparral, New Mexico 88021

Phone 915-497-2539


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T&A Piedmontese
Adam Swinehart
Ph: 330-262-0743
Email: sos97@sssnet.com
Reflections Farm
John & Carol Leunk
Ph: 330-698-2688
Email: JohnLeunk@aol.com 

Located at Wooster, Ohio 

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Rio Hondo Ranch
Richard & Lynn Brook
19645 Hwy 30
Buhl, Idaho 83316
Phone: home 208-543-5808
Store: 208-543-2798
Toll Free 1-877-550-5807

Fullblood & Naturalean 
Piedmontese (some Blacks)
Available For Sale

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Laura's Lean Beef

Laura’s Lean Beef Company LLC

1517 Bull Lea Rd, Ste 210

Lexington, KY 40511


website www.laurasleanbeef.com

Triple Creek Ranches

Hiram & Charlene Lambert

Riverton, Nebraska

Solid black & polled, or solid red & polled Naturalean Piedmontese



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Lake View Piedmontese

28748 - 386th Ave.,

Lake Andes,SD.


Phone 605-487-9577 or email lakeviewpieds@juno.com

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Memory Lane Farms ----------

John & Connie Snover

1232 County Road # 19 Hooper,

Nebraska 68031

Phone 402-654-2432 or 402-720-2049

Email memlane2010@live.com

Website: www.MemLane.net

Peony Farms

Peter & Emma DenOudsten

RR # 3 Lacombe, Alberta, Canada T4L 2N3

Call toll free 1-866-782-2657

Email peony@platinum.ca


Montana Ranch Brand

Natural Meats

www.montanaranchbrand.com info@montanaranchbrand.com

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When you are shopping for Piedmontese seedstock, knowing that the animal is registered or recorded with NAPA is the best way to be certain that you will get an animal with the Piedmontese Myostatin genetics.

All cattle that are 100 percent fullblood and can trace their pedigree back to the Italian registered Herdbook, may be eligible to be registered in NAPA's fullblood category. If a fullblood animal is found to have LESS than 2 copies of the allele, they will be removed from this category of registry.

The NATURALEAN™ registry and recordation categories are for any animal less than 100 percent fullblood, and for those fullbloods which cannot trace their parentage back to Italian seedstock. These animals must be test verified PRIOR to registration or recordation to prove that they carry at least ONE myostatin allele. 2-copy Naturalean are Registered, and 1-copy Naturalean are Recorded.

Animals with zero (0) copies of the myostatin allele are NOT eligible to be registered or recorded with NAPA.

Naturalean™ Registry certificates will state the level of Piedmontese blood an animal carries...PLUS will identify if they have 1 or 2 copies for myostatin.

The term "purebred" is NOT used in NAPA - as it has been mis-leading to breeders and buyers in the past. Up-graded so-called 'purebred' cattle (less than 100% pure) have been confused with "fullblood" cattle (100% pure)...and there is potential for some up-graded 'purebred' cattle registered with other Piedmontese Associations to have zero copies for myostatin.

So, in all cases, when you see a NAPA Registration Certificate which states "Fullblood" you are assured that the animal has 100 percent Piedmontese blood, traceable to the country of origin - Italy. All fullblood cattle tested to date have been 2-copy for myostatin. (Homozygous)

When you see a NAPA Naturalean™ Registration Certificate, you know the animal has been test verified to have at 2-copies for Myostatin (homozygous)...and the level of Piedmontese blood will be stated. The NAPA Naturalean™ 1-copy cattle will be Recorded in the Herd Book - and these heterozygous cattle will be clearly identified as RECORDED (rather than Registered.)

USDA research confirms that the Piedmontese 1 and 2 copy cattle are far superior to 0-copy cattle, both for carcass production traits and for beef tenderness.

Using a 2-copy bull on zero copy (non-Piedmontese) cows ALWAYS results in 100 percent of the calf crop having 1-copy of this valuable Myostatin allele.

Select your seedstock - backed by the integrity of the NAPA Registry - and be assured you will get the genetics you need to improve your beef program.





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