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2016 Piedmontese Classic BULL SALE & Bull Scoring Seminar

April 16, 2016 - Toro Ranch, Broken Bow, NE -

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FRIDAY, APRIL 15: Join us for 6 pm Piedmontese prime rib supper (Reservations Are Required - contact NAPA) on Friday, April 15, 2016 at the Cobblestone Inn, Broken Bow, Nebraska and enjoy the informative guest speakers.

SATURDAY, APRIL 16: On Saturday morning (start time 9:30 am), attend the Bull Scoring Seminar to learn the standardized process of Evaluations used to score bulls for Disposition, Feet / Legs & Movement and Phenotype at the close of each test group. Participants will review live bulls that were previously scored and learn to identify common conformational issues. Everyone is welcome to this educational event !

Saturday, April 16 - preview the Sale bulls and join us for complimentary Piedmontese Beef lunch at noon on April 16, 2016.

An outstanding selection of 24 Fullblood and Naturalean Piedmontese Bulls will be offered by silent auction on Saturday, April 16th. Performance Evaluated and ready to meet your Commercial or Seedstock needs, these yearling bulls are designed to "meat" the demand.

SALE CONTACTS: Hiram: 308-293-5444 or Jerry: 605-491-1110 or Ryan: 303-916-0151


2015 Piedmontese Classic BULL SALE

- April 11, 2015 - Toro Ranch, Broken Bow, NE -

26 Fullblood and Naturalean Piedmontese Bulls sold at auction on April 11th. These Performance Evaluated commercial and seedstock yearling bulls were well received, finding new homes ranging from Idaho to Wisconsin.

SALE GROSS: $217,750.00 -- Sale Average: $8,375.00

High Selling Bull: Lot 1149 - LVC 4082B - $15,500.00

Congratulations to Doug Kokesh of South Dakota on his purchases of both the high selling bull LVC 4082B & tied-for-second high selling bull LVC 4014B at $13,500.00 And congratulations to Harold Steele on his purchase of tied-for-second high selling bull LVC 4051B. Volume buyer at the 2015 Classic Sale was Brett Ball of Idaho.

Above LVC4014B and below LVC4051B


2015 Piedmontese CLASSIC FEMALE SALE:

On Jan 19, 2015 - five of the seven Lots offered in the first Female Sale were auctioned for an average sale price of $19,300. (Two lots were passed, as was the right of the consignors.)

Congratulations to Hiram Lambert, NE, Adam Swinehart and Mark Miller, OH as buyers of the high selling female - Lot # 1 - LVC Sunray 904Y for $39,000.00

Lot # 3 – LVC Promise 301A – buyer Tom Sperling, SD - $24,000.
Lot # 5 – PE Ava 119A – buyer Lakeview Piedmontese, SD - $11,000.
Lot # 6 – LVC Isabell 404B – buyer Paul & Teresa Harold, WV - $14,500.
Lot # 7 – PE Alura 14A – buyer Ken Silva, CA - $8,000.

Sale Gross - $96,500.00 on 5 Lots



2014 Piedmontese CLASSIC BULL SALE:

at Toro Ranch, Broken Bow, NE.

Saturday, April 12, 2014 - the NAPA Piedmontese Classic Bull Sale saw 22 lots gross $229,500. for an average of $10,431.82

The high selling bull was LVC 3014A - bringing $24,000.

Another hugely successful sale, with great young bulls on offer. Read the full report in the summer magazine here. Congratulations to all the buyers and bidders !

2014 Classic Sale: one of the high selling bulls at this year's Classic: TCR 817A brought $15,500.

One of the top selling bulls - TCR817A



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