NAPA Services

Only homozygous (2-copy) Piedmontese are registered. Heterozygous (1-copy) cattle may be recorded.

The North American Piedmontese Association (NAPA) is a Washington, USA registered non-profit livestock registry association.

NAPA offers animal registry services to Piedmontese breeders across the USA and Canada. Registration of cattle is a very important part of Breed Improvement, as it allows breeders to keep accurate records of pedigree so that they may make informed selections in breeding programs. By registering the pedigree, birth date and permanent tattoo, breeders have a formal record of each animal in a herd. Breeders have a reliable database for reference, in case their own records become confused or lost. Independent third-party official pedigree records provide support and verification of records, and are also then available to affect EPD data for ongoing breed improvement.

NAPA registry also confirms the presence of the Piedmontese-specific myostatin gene in the registered stock through requirements of DNA testing for the gene. NAPA is the first cattle breed registry to base registration on a specific gene. This is possible because the Piedmontese-specific myostatin gene is present only in Piedmontese cattle. A simple DNA test confirms it. NAPA is committed to the preservation of full-blood Piedmontese (by definition, a 100%-pure animal tracing through registered pedigree to original Italian stock and carrying 2 alleles (homozygous) for Piedmontese-specific myostatin). The Piedmontese breed evolved in only one small part of the world (northwest Italy) and the world population of 100% full-blood Piedmontese is very low.

NAPA provides excellent support to breeders to promote the breed and their individual programs through the regular magazine (subscription comes with membership) and reasonably priced advertising rates. The NAPA magazine "Your Piedmontese Voice" is circulated to an ever growing list of industry leaders and commercial cattlemen, as well as Piedmontese breeders.

The annual National Show is held at the prestigious National Western Stock Show (NWSS) in Denver, Colorado each January. Visit the NWSS site at

Check out the Pedigree & Members Search Engines pages! To find NAPA members by name or by State, and to search for registered cattle by name or tattoo or registry number...this Search Engine is a valuable service offered by NAPA's Registry Office, the CLRC.

Questions or comments should be directed to the NAPA Executive Director - Vicki Johnson - at 306-329-8600 or by email to [email protected]