One bull test facility centralized to service North American Piedmontese breeders: an excellent opportunity

We estimate that some 80% of the Piedmontese 2-copy bulls born annually in North America are performance evaluated through this centralized Bull Test facility, located at Lone Creek Cattle Company's Toro Ranch near the town of Broken Bow, NE - complete with the Grow Safe system to capture individual feed efficiency data.

There are four test groups processed each year, providing opportunity for same-age bulls to develop together, and giving an unprecedented opportunity to identify outlier bulls to advance breed improvement.

Bull Test Arrival / Depature Schedule

Bull Test Protocol (including pre-entry vaccination protocols, etc)

Additional Bull Test Recommendations

There is one annual Classic Bull Sale Event, held each April, offering selections of fully evaluated yearling Piedmontese bulls. This educational event includes the Bull Scoring Seminar, industry guest speakers at the evening Certified Piedmontese Beef Banquet, and much more. See this page for further information.