Fees at a Glance

Annual 2017 Membership fee: $90

Tattoo/Herd Prefix Registration: $10
(One-time fee for lifetime use.)

Animal Registrations                             

Full-blood and/or Naturalean:
Birth to 12 months: $35
13 to 18 months: $40
19 months and older: $45
Dual Registry (any age): $15

Transfers of Ownership
Full-blood animals: $15
Naturalean animals: $15
Embryos: $10

Duplicate Certificates
All categories: $20

Transferred registration certificates are returned to the seller unless specifically requested to be forwarded to the buyer. For non-financial transfers of ownership (within families) or due to farm name change, for groups of animals of 25 head or more at a time, the fees for transfer of ownership are: $10/fullblood, $8/Naturalean animal, and $8/embryo. For dual registry, animals must qualify and provide DNA parentage, myostatin, and SNP PR lab reports. Dual registry is not mandatory and PAUS or CPA registered cattle may produce NAPA registerable offspring without the parents first being NAPA registered. Email NAPA for details.

All above Fees are payable to CLRC-NAPA. Fees must be submitted with the applications to:
2417 Holly Lane
Ottawa Ontario, Canada K1V 0M7