Piedmontese EPDs via BIO - AgSights  - Bridging-Intelligence

How To Become Involved

Piedmontese breeders may enroll directly with AgSights / BIO to submit animal records for EPD data generation.

Contact Toll free 1 (855) BIO-BEEF (855 246-2333) or (519) 767-2665, by fax (519) 767-2502 or email [email protected] to set up your account. You can enroll for the on-line data service, allowing you to upload your records directly to BIO - or can make arrangements to submit records on paper.

AgSights (formerly Bridging Intelligence / BIO)

bioTrack Description

This new online record keeping system offers you convenience, simplicity and security. All herd information can be stored, allowing automatic age verification, evaluations of your choice and the ability to connect with information on that animal.


bioTrack allows collection of all information on an animal throughout its life. Information flow across sectors will allow producers to make better business decisions including selection. Always accessible and always secure, we make information management easy and relevant!


Depending upon which features you wish to use, pricing will vary. Please contact [email protected] to discuss.

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Once your account has been activated, just click to start entering your data.