Have you ever wanted to market your Piedmontese semen at a commercial price to attract commercial cattlemen - but do not want to "give away" your good genetics ?

The Semen Certificate Program is the solution... allowing bull owners to market larger volumes of commercially priced semen (and get more statistics back on their calves) while also allowing bull owners to receive a fair price from seedstock producers who use their genetics for herd improvement by registering or recording that bull's offspring.

Sire Enrollment Form

The Program:

Enroll the AI Bull with NAPA.

Establish a commercial price for semen from the bull, and establish a Semen Certificate Price for the same bull.

Instruct semen purchasers that there is a Semen Certificate Fee required before any offspring from the bull will be eligible for registry or recordation. (For semen sold prior to enrolling a bull in the Certificate Program, bull owners should contact previous buyers to arrange for them to receive complimentary Certificates. See the Sire Enrollment Form)

Semen purchasers must pay the bull owner the Semen Certificate Fee for enrolled bulls - and will receive a signed Certificate from the bull owner - in order for offspring to be papered.

No offspring from an enrolled bull will be registered or recorded without the Semen Certificate, signed by the bull owner, which must be attached to the application to register/record the animal from the animal owner.

Bull owners will not sign the Semen Certificate unless they receive the Certificate fee from the semen purchaser. It is the bull owners responsibility to print off the Semen Certificate, sign it, and provide it to the semen purchaser once the fee is paid.

NAPA will maintain an on-line list of all enrolled sires, the date they were enrolled, the current owner's contact information and the Semen Certificate price.

Semen Certificates are available to print.

NAPA registered bulls can be enrolled in the Semen Certificate Program, for a one time life-time of the bull fee of $100. US. Enrollment can be cancelled by the bull owner at any time, in writing.

Questions ? Contact NAPA or phone 306-329-8600.